NEC Tokin Stack Actuator AE0505D44H40DF Thin Coating

AE0505D44H40 (T=5mm x W=5mm x H=40mm)

Key Features

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Product Description

Item Conditions Remarks
Operating temperature range -25 to +85°C When applied with a DC voltage: Ambient temperature
When driven by an AC voltage: Ambient temperature + Temperature rise due to generated heat
Recommended Storage condition -5 to +40°C / less than 40% R.H. Recommended storage at room temperature. No condensation
Maximum driving voltage 150V DC
Displacement 42.0 ± 6.6µm
Blocking force 850 N Force required for restricting the displacement to 0 when the maximum driving voltage is applied.
Capacitance 3.4 µF ± 20% f = 1kHz; V=1Vrms
Dissipation Factor < 5.0% f = 1khz; V=1Vrms
Insulation Resistance 5 MΩ Value obtained in 1 minute at 150V DC
Resonance Frequency 34 kHz With both ends of the actuator in free state.
Tensile strength 10% of generated force Typical value of the element under standard factory tests conditions
Young's Modulus 4.4x1010 N/m2 Typical value of the element under standard factory tests conditions
Temperature Cycle Test Displacement: Initial value ± 20%
Capacitance: Initial value ± 30%
Tan δ: Less than initial rated value
Insulation resistance: 1MΩ or more
Room temperature (3 min) -25°C (30 min)
Room temperature (3 min) +85°C (30 min)

Outer Dimensions
H = 40 ± 0.1 mm
W1 = 5 ± 0.1 mm
W2 = 5.4mm maximum
W3 = 7.5mm maximum
T1 = 5 ± 0.1 mm
T2 = 5.4mm maximum
Wire Specifications
L = Length of lead wire = 100mm
∅d = Diameter of lead wire = 0.5mm
∅D = Outer diameter including the thickness of coating = 0.8mm
Wire Gauge: AWG 26
UL Number : 1993
Conductor Material : Copper wire with Tin plating
Insulation Material : PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)