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Microfine Materials Technologies Pte Ltd, a spin-off of National University of Singapore, started its operation in mid 2000s in commercial growth of PZN-PT single crystals. Since then, we have expanded our operation to various high-end single crystal devices, covering from underwater transducers to land-based piezoelectric sensors and actuators.

In addition to working closely with the Singapore defense sector, Microfine works with her customers to develop high-end piezoelectric devices to propel the frontier of piezoelectric technology. Our clients include technology leaders in the field world-wide.

ISO Accreditation

Microfine Materials Technologies Private Limited have an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Accreditation


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Microfine has extensive experience in transducer design using single crystals. Single crystal offers better properties for many transducer application, especially in the under 50kHz range.