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Large Stroke Single Crystal "Hi-Fi STAKE" Actuator

Key Features
  • Compact & light (<7g)
  • Large linear stroke (up to 58 µm @ +240V) with negligible strain hysteresis up to 40℃
  • Moderate working loads (up to 10 kg)
  • Nanometer resolutions, microsecond responses
  • Low device capacitance (17 nF for 5x5x15L & 290 nF for 5x5x54L)
  • Low power consumption under a.c. drive
  • Larger working load and cryogenic versions are available
Displacement Graph at 22℃ Displacement Graph at 40℃

Figure ‐ Displacement ΔL vs. applied voltage of 7.5x7.5xL stakes under different loads at (a) 22℃ and (b) 40℃.While ΔL is relatively insensitive to the applied load, it varies with temperature via the following empirical relationship: ΔL=[a+b(T‐22)]VLac, where ΔL is in µm, T in ℃, V in volt and Lac in mm; Lac = (L-3) mm for 15L and 28L stakes and Lac = (L-4) mm for 41L and 54L stakes; a= 0.0048 and b= 7.0x10-5

  • Fine positioning and tilt control in optics and laser communications
  • Micro and nano-positioning of precision instrument and machinery
  • Deformable mirrors / actuator array surface
  • Motor sections for compact low-frequency sonar
  • Industrial, medical, aviation applications requiring compact and light piezo actuators

  • Dimensional and Performance Specifications
    Stake Code &
    W1xW2xL (mm)
    @ +240V
    Maximum Load Allowed @ +240V
    @ 22 ℃ @ 32 ℃ @ 40 ℃
    32M-5x5x15L -14 0.37 4.0 3.0 2.5 5.5
    32M-5x5x28L -29 0.20
    32M-5x5x41L -43 0.13
    32M-5x5x54L -58 0.10
    32M-7.5x7.5x15L -14 0.59 6.5 5.0 4.0 8.8
    32M-7.5x7.5x28L -29 0.33
    32M-7.5x7.5x41L -43 0.21
    32M-7.5x7.5x54L -58 0.16
    32M-10x10x15L -14 0.80 10.0 8.0 6.5 12.0
    32M-10x10x28L -29 0.44
    32M-10x10x41L -43 0.29
    32M-10x10x54L -58 0.22

    Versions with top hemi-spherical end-cap and bonded strain gauges are also available.

    [1]The actuator contracts under positive-polarity applied voltage. Negative-polarity applied voltage under +240Vdc bias drive is recommended for extensional axial displacement.
    [2]Unlike PZT stacks, the performance of single crystal STAKE actuators is determined by the phase transformation properties of the component single crystals and not the blocking force. When driven at up to +240Vdc below the allowed maximum loads (including pre-loads), the displacement response is linear with no occurrence of rhombohedral-to-orthorhombic phase transformation of the component single crystals at stipulated operating temperatures.
    [3]The blocking forces provided are for reference only. They were obtained under +240Vdc bias drive condition and equal the mechanical force required to offset the extensional displacement of the actuator when the bias voltage is reduced to 0V. When divided by the stroke, it give the stiffness of respective stake actuator.
    [4]Larger working load and cryogenic versions are available. The attainable stroke is about half that provided in the specification table under cryogenic environment.

    Resolution of the Hi-Fi Actuator