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Seismic / Infrasonic Accelerometer SIA1

Key Features
  • Ultra-high sensitivity (≈2.5 V/g without pre-amp)
  • Unmatched dynamic range (<1x10-5 g to 20 g)
  • Compact and light (Ø63 x 42 mm & 480 grams for 3D version)
Model SIA1 is an ultra-high sensitivity seismic / infrasonic accelerometer. It incorporates MMT’s unique design and PZN-PT single crystal technology and has an extremely wide dynamic range of <1x10-5 g to 20 g. It is available in both 1-D and 3-D design. Other performance characteristics are provided in the table below.
Technical Specifications
Description Specifications
Working frequency range (Hz) 0.1 – 200
Resonant frequency (Hz) 350
Charge sensitivity (pC/g) 25,000
Voltage sensitivity (V/g) ≈2.5 (w/o pre-amp)
Measured with a 1 m cable together with a 10x probe.
Sensitivity direction [1-D] Normal to base
Sensitivity direction [3-D] 3 axis (X, Y, Z)
Cross sensitivity (% of on-axis) <3
Capacitance (nF) 10
Dynamic range (g) <1x10-5 to 20
Dimensions (mm): 1D / 3D Ø35 x 29 / Ø63 x 42 (both w/o electronics)
Weight (grams): 1D / 3D 135 / 480 (both w/o electronics)
Operation temperature range (°C) -10 to 65
Output connection SMC socket
Casing material AISI 304 stainless steel
Pre-amp electronics Under development