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Projector TP16 and Arrays

Key Features
  • Compact (only 24mm in thickness in bare, unpackaged form)
  • Low-frequency wide-band imaging (fundamental mode: 16± 4 kHz)
  • Wide-band communication (12-52 kHz operating frequency range)
  • Power efficient (180 dB source level per element at 20W without d.c. bias)

Despite its low operating frequency from 12 kHz onwards, MMT TP16 projector is only about 24 mm thick in bare, unpackaged form. Its compact size, extremely broad bandwidth and power efficiency make TP16 ideal for wide-band communication and imaging sonar. This includes imaging of buried objects, particularly as conformal sonar arrays on AUV/UUV and other similar platforms.

TP16 Transmit Voltage Response TP16 Receive Sensitivity
TP16 Beam Pattern TP16 Beamwidth vs Frequency Graph


Technical Specifications
Description Specifications
Individual TP16 Element    
Operating frequency range (kHz) 12 - 52
Design fundamental frequency (kHz) 16 ± 4
Transmit voltage response (dB re 1 μPa/V @ 1 m) 140
Source level @ 100 Vrms without d.c. bias (dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m) 180
Receive sensitivity (dB re 1 V/?Pa) Better than -192
Beam Pattern Conical
Vertical beam width [-3dB](degrees) @ 15 kHz / @ 30 kHz 100-120 / 50-65 (approx.)
Horizontal beam width [-3dB] (degrees) Omni-directional (approx.)
Input power (W) 20
Operating depth (m) 200
Dimensions - bare (mm) 33 x 24 (H)
Dimensions - packaged (mm) 45 (L) x 45 (W) x 84 (H)
Weight - bare / packaged (grams) 60 / 350
Casing material Al 5083 (hard black anodized)
Underwater connector on projector SEACON® XFS-2-BCL
Mating connector SEACON® RMF-2-FS
Customized TP16 Arrays    
Acoustic characteristics and input power requirement Can be predicted using beam forming theory and above elemental characteristics
Minimum center-to-center separation of elements for panel arrays (mm) 39
Other details Please contact us