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High Authority Piezoelectric Actuators (HAPA)

Key Features
  • Via MMT patented High-Bending-Stiffness 2-level Connector (HBSC)
  • ≳85 µm stroke & >800N blocking force but compact in length
Performance Specifications
Stroke @ 150V
Blocking Force
Operating Temperature
Range (℃)
Product Number
29x12x46L[1] (49L[2]) ≳85 850 15 -25 to +80 HA-(2+1)-29-Std
⌀24x46L[1] (53L[2]) 1700 20 HA-(2+2)-D24-Std
⌀32x46L[1] (53L[2]) 2500 30 HA-(3+3)-D32-Std

[1]i and j in (i+j) give the number of piezoceramic stack at the lower and upper level, respectively.
[2]Std version comes with flat anodized aluminum end cap for mounting via epoxy bonding, Hsp version with sapphire hemispherical end cap. Values within parentheses gave the overall lengths of the Hsp versions. Replace "Std" inproduct no. by "Hsp" when this feature is required.
[3]Smaller footprint versions (of 25x12, ⌀22 and ⌀30 mm2 respectively) are also available upon request which have same performance specifications as the Std. versions.

Maximum off-set deflection at central point
Displacement vs axial compressive load