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Microfine Materials Technologies bags the Defence Technology Prize, presented by the Singapore Ministry of Defence. This is for our part in the M400 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, which features special sensors from Microfine that allows for better mine countermeasure capabilities.
The company has obtained ISO 9001-2008 certification as of July 2011.
Launch of TP16 single crystal underwater projector. Despite a high source level of 180 dB per element, TP16 is possibly the thinnest (of 28 mm thickness before packaging) low-frequency Tonpilz projectors even built, boasting a wide bandwidth (12-20 kHz for imaging or 12-52 kHz for communications) and high power efficiency (requiring about half the input power compared with commercial leading products). No d.c. bias is required.
Launch of SIA1 Single Crystal Seismic/Infrasonic Accelerometer, of unique design and PZN-PT single crystal sensing elements, boasting a sensitivity of 2.5V/g and a dynamic range of 5x10-6 to 20g (i.e., 132 dB) before preamplification despite its compactness compared with other leading products.